Welcome to Paisa Vasool Khana

All our life, we essentially learn to become better problem-solvers. If there were no problems around, the world would be a mundane place to live in. No motivation to excel. No reason to be happy. Therefore, we decided to hunt down a common problem, albeit a serious one, and yet trivialized.

Most young people- especially college-goers and professionals- often end up spending a considerable fraction of their salary or pocket money eating outside. They have difficulty finding places that serve Paisa Vasool food. Tourists in a new city, families moving to a new place- all want information about local restaurants, dhabas or roadside stalls serving true value for money food! After all, howsoever rich you are, the concept of Paisa Vasool always entices us. And there’s no shame- we can be proud of not spending on unworthy food!

Also, there is no one way to define ‘value for money’ food. You could be willing to pay a higher price for splendid ambiance, for a scrumptious dessert, for healthy food, for an exotic dish, for food that reminds you of your home!

We are creating a platform for people to come and talk to one another about their experiences with Paisa Vasool food. It doesn’t matter which place you’re from as long as you’re not the only one there! Share the picture of the mouth-watering dessert at the end of a sumptuous meal at a gourmet restaurant, get a selfie at your favorite fast food joint, post about the small homely restaurant you discovered in a narrow alley last evening. Comment on which ones you think are the best dishes and the ones you think are terrible. Choose to disagree with others. Sometimes, trust them, try out yourself and thank them.

Welcome to Paisa Vasool Khana !!

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